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Engaging Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Engaging cognitive behavioral therapy and parental guidance through avatars. Designed for children from 6 to 12, with ADHD or behavioral & emotional disorders.

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You are not alone. In Germany, the frequency of ADHD in children, reported by parents, is around 5%, according to the KiGGS study by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 76% being boys 

[5] – source needed (Göbel K, Baumgarten F, Kuntz B, Hölling H, Schlack R. ADHD in children and adolescents in Germany. Results of the cross-sectional KiGGS Wave 2 study and trends. J Health Monit. 2018;3(3):42-9.)

Symptoms of aDHD

Symptoms of ADHD




App Features

Empowering your child's progress with intuitive features


Monitor your child’s development with Nexus Fokus. Easily monitor progress, understand behavioral patterns, and recognize strengths and challenges. Record medication effects to stay informed and actively support your child’s journey.


Receive expert parental guidance at your fingertips with Nexus Fokus. Our virtual coach offers personalized advice and strategies, helping you navigate the complexities of parenting a child with neurodevelopmental challenges. Benefit from tailored support and insights to enhance your child’s development journey.

Video Game

Through engaging avatars and gamification, we’re transforming cognitive behavioral therapy into an engaging, accessible experience


Our Impact

Explore the impact Nexus Fokus has on enhancing skills and providing support for both children and parents. Our platform not only aids in the developmental journey of children with neurodevelopmental challenges but also brings essential guidance to parents.


Boosts Cognitive and Social Skills
Fosters Independence
Guides parental intervention


Explore what families say about Nexus Fokus. Our review section shares real experiences and feedback from parents and children who’ve used our app.

Jessica L.

As a parent of an 8-year-old girl with ADHD, Nexus Fokus has been a game changer. It's helped me understand her needs better and given me practical tools to support her daily challenges.

John & Stephanie

Nexus Fokus has brought clarity and support into our lives. It's incredible to see my 6-year-old daughter's growth and how much more confident she's become in handling her emotions and interactions.

Robert & Melissa

Since using Nexus Fokus, I’ve gained invaluable insights into ADHD, which has transformed how I support my son. It’s not just a tool for him; it’s been a learning journey for me as a parent.


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CE Marked and GDR Compliant